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By Suz from Glendale, AZ On 08/07/2021

Verified Buyer! Purchased 7 Months Ago

Really Works

Bought on sale for an awesome price which made it about cost of other brands. After reading reviews praising product and the specs I decided I’d get it. Air Doctor has an overall sq ft cleaning area larger than those others. It should do well for most all of my house. Like advertised it’s really quiet. You barely know it’s on unless walk by and hear the very low fan. I put it in the living room on the wall that backs the kitchen. I think that’s the best spot for whole house coverage, right in middle. So after I got it and it was on maybe a week my Mom burnt something in the kitchen and I watched as the light went red and fan speed picked up. Can’t remember time taken but eventually the light got back to blue and the fan was quiet again. The burnt smell was gone and pretty much except for initial smell there wasn’t any strong smell. I’m going to say this Air Doctor works super dooper. Oh takes care of litter box and other smells waffling from bathroom.

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