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By Tammy B from Hopatcong, NJ On 07/27/2021

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I did extensive research because my adult son needed an air purifier as he was suffering terribly with chronic headaches, nose, throat and even chest congestion due to black mold. He was so ill, he couldn’t sleep well or concentrate. He was irritable from lack of sleep & feeling unwell every day. I came across the Air Doctor. I was impressed with the scientifically proven technology, video demonstration & all the reviews. They offer a money back guarantee, so we had nothing to lose. He has been SO happy with his 3000 model. He thanks me all the time & tells me it’s the best gift I ever gave him! He leaves his on 24/7 and after the first 24 hours it cleared up all the polluted air in his apartment, he no longer has ANY the conditions I mentioned. I was so excited to hear this, I decided to buy the smaller one for the new house I bought since I was dealing with allergy issues. I’ve never felt better! All the symptoms dragging me down are gone and I sleep better than ever. MUST BUY TODAY

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