Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is CADR?
CADR stands for Clean Air Delivery Rate, and it is standardized system for reporting the effectiveness of a particular air purifier in removing smoke, dust and pollen from the air. The higher the number the more effective the air purifier will be.
Q: What is the CADR for AirDoctor?
AirDoctor is independently tested by Intertek laboratories. The smoke CADR for AirDoctor is 326, the dust is 343, the pollen is 373. When operated with the Gas Trap VOC filter, which removes pollutants in gas state (VOC's) and restricts the air flow by about 10%, these numbers are reduced by about 10%.
Q: What is UltraHEPA™?
HEPA is an acronym for High Efficiency Particulate Air. These filters are designed to capture particles that is 0.3 Microns. UltraHEPA™ captures particle down to 0.003 Microns. That is 100 times smaller than regular HEPA.
Q: Does AirDoctor have an Air Ionizer?
AirDoctor does feature an Air Ionizer which can be turned on or off, as you choose. Air Ionizers can help remove particulates, microbes and odors from your room, leaving it smelling fresh.
Q: How often should I change the filters?
AirDoctor does feature an Air Ionizer which can be turned on or off, as you choose. Air Ionizers can help remHow long the filters last depends on a couple of different factors. Specifically, the quality of the air in your home AND how many hours per day you operate your unit. Based on the air quality in the average home in the United States and Canada and 24/7 operation, the Gas Trap VOC filter should last 6 months and the UltraHEPA™ filter should last a full 12 months before they need to be replaced.
If you operate your AirDoctor for only 12 hours per day, then the Gas Trap VOC filter should last 1 year and the UltraHEPA™ filter should last a full 2 years before they need to be replaced (in homes with average air quality). We recommend that you leave your AirDoctor set to Auto, which will allow your device to adjust automatically, based on the filtering needs inside your home.
Q: How do I know when it's time to change the filters?
Your AirDoctor comes with an automatic sensor which notifies you when it's time to replace each of the two filters mentioned above. (Note: There is also a 3rd pre-filter, which can be easily removed and washed. With proper care and under normal operating conditions, this filter should not need to be replaced.
Q: I changed my filter, but my Change Filter light is still on. How do I reset my Change Filter indicator light?
To reset your Change Filter indicatory light, press the AUTO and DIM buttons together for 3 seconds. The CLEAN FILTER light flashes 3 times and then turn off completely, indicating the unit has been reset.
Q: How much electricity does AirDoctor use?
AirDoctor consumes 11 watts on the low setting and 95 watts on the high setting. While utility costs vary across the country, AirDoctor costs about $30-40 per year to run on Auto-mode 24/7.
Q: Does AirDoctor capture mold?
AirDoctor captures mold spores. However, mold spores in the air usually mean that there is a mold somewhere in your house. You should make sure to find the source and get rid of the root of the problem with professional remediation, if necessary.
Q: How much do these filters cost?
Both the Gas Trap VOC filter and the UltraHEPA™ filter are available for $59.95 each, plus shipping and processing.
Q: How long is AirDoctor™ warrantied for?
AirDoctor™ comes with a one-year limited warranty. Filters are consumables and are not covered under this warranty.
Q: Why has the fan speed on my AirDoctor™ changed by itself?
If you have auto mode selected, it might have detected polluted air, causing AirDoctor™ to increase the fan speed in order to clean the air faster.
Q: How much space will the AirDoctor™ cover?
The AirDoctor™ is powerful enough to filter all of the air in a 2400 sq. ft. room once every hour.
Q: How much does AirDoctor™ weigh?
AirDoctor™ weighs approx. 18 pounds.
Q: What are the dimensions of AirDoctor?
(W) 15.75 x (D)8.25 x (H)23 inches.
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