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By dairyair from Marshfield, MO On 09/11/2021

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Air/Water Quality Are Our Priorities--AirDoc is #1

We had a whole house air purifier installed in the HVAC in our previous home that was wonderful, but it was only purifying the air while the system was running. We purchased a house that had numerous animals living inside and had been smoked in for two decades, so we knew we needed something more consistent and powerful. The AirDoctor runs continuously and at the correct setting at all times, so we know our air would always be cleaned. We didn't have our five AirDoctors (three small and two large) for the first few weeks of living in our home, and we were all sick and coughing (two kids have pet dander allergies but all of our lungs were irritated). We had our ducts cleaned and received/used our filters and haven't had issues since. On top of that, the lingering smells are gone from the home. We have always known AirDoctors were great, but now we have firsthand experience and can't imagine our home without one. In fact, we will be bringing one on our vacation (AirBNB stays)!

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